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Joanne P.
Olivia N.

Look 5 years
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Mark R.

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-Mark R.
Stephen K.

Joint pain

-Kenneth K.
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Once you discover the secret spark that delivers total body health, you’ll want to drink it in…

Experience an energy surge, head-to-toe detox, iron-clad immune defenses and a whole health “do-over”
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Dear Friend,

Imagine your world if the lights suddenly went dark. Without a steady stream of electricity, the daily life we take for granted simply ceases to exist.

Beyond time-saving technologies and push-button entertainment, if you’re left without power you struggle to communicate… stay protected… even find clean water or keep precious food from spoiling.

But what we don’t realize is this: the most important electrical grid our lives depend on isn’t buried beneath our city streets. Its circuits run day and night throughout our bodies, and even the world’s best doctors barely grasp how to keep it flowing without interruption.

Is your body in the middle of a nutritional blackout?

While you’re made of flesh and bone, your body’s closer to a precision electronic machine than most of us know. Just like the appliances we all depend on, your body cannot function without its own electricity. You may not be familiar with it, but you’re equipped with a first-class electrical network deep inside you, connecting cells and tissues in ways still being uncovered and very rarely appreciated… until something goes horribly wrong.

This bioelectricity makes us who we are, and is responsible for our thoughts, our movements, and the rhythm and balance of every system in our body. Every cell has a purpose, every nutrient is a circuit in this network, sparking our tissues into action, and allowing cells to communicate to command the minute-by-minute tasks at hand.

Now fortunately, Mother Nature’s machine has the unique ability to stay strong— and even repair itself—given the right conditions. But in today’s world, this ideal environment’s nearly impossible to come by.

Because keeping the power going involves a constant battle against toxins… acid imbalance… miscommunication… and an unquenchable thirst for nourishment and hydration, just to keep putting one foot in front of the other, let alone achieve your peak potential for health and vitality.

If amazing, vibrant health is what you’re after, you have to put the charge back in your cells!

If you know what makes us go, you can set about making it happen in YOUR life. But understanding exactly how the body functions isn’t the hardest part. To really meet your biggest health challenges head-on, you need a way to rid your body of dangerous toxins, and break apart the roadblocks that lock out the nutrients necessary for true health.

You have to feed your cellular circuitry, to keep your body running at full power, with energy, health and vitality— and allow your cells to communicate, replicate and rejuvenate in order to protect and power your tissues and systems, from your brain to your heart and more.

This formula has to spur proper digestion, get balky joints moving again, spark your immune system, quench your thirst for hydration and fill the gaps left by nutrient depleted food and the weakened soil it’s forced to grow in.

Thankfully, there is now a way to restore balance to your body, beat back acid, inflammation and pollutants, and get your over-taxed cells to once again absorb and utilize nutrition the way they did when you were just a baby.

And this long overdue solution had to have the capacity to be fully absorbed. Not just bio-available, like so many supplements claim, but bio-spontaneously available at all times, to every cell in your body, so you get exactly what you need, when you need it.

No pill or powder would do. No ordinary nutrients would work.
A tall order, indeed. But given the state of our health and
the toxic world we’re forced to survive in, I wouldn’t rest
unless we tried.

Before you take any supplement, please consult your physician or other
licensed healthcare professional to determine if it's appropriate for you.

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Once we knew what we were after, it took us a FULL YEAR to find it…

A team led by IVL’s longevity researcher, Jay White, was put to the task. And after more than 12 intensive months, after tests and retests and multiple false starts, they finally cracked the code…

And the world’s first ionic liquid nutritional formula was born!

The team succeeded in harnessing the nutrient power of the world’s smallest possible molecular structures, suspended perfectly in liquid solution. These nutrients are so small they enter human cells in ways

nothing else can, maximizing rapid absorption to go to work instantly, to improve your circulation, immunity, digestion, energy—every aspect of peak health and vitality!

Once we put it all together, we knew we’d created a breakthrough. And thousands are already enjoying the benefits, RIGHT NOW!

First, it may help cleanse your body of dangerous toxins…

Our incredible new formula, called Q-hydrate528®, begins with the world’s finest ionic liquid zeolite, minerals so uniquely structured, they absorb heavy metals and toxins like a natural sponge, drawing them in with an electrical force and never letting go, until they are harmlessly flushed from your body with ease.

Because you’ve never experienced a body so clean, you may be surprised by the result. For this rapid, thorough detoxification delivers a total body renewal like no formula could possibly offer before!

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Next, it fully hydrates your body,
to help put the brakes on aging, fast!

Aging saps our cells of precious fluids, and while we’re mostly made of water, we struggle constantly to hold onto every precious, life-giving drop. This is especially true if you’re fooled into thinking our chlorinated water is healthful, or you rely on “healthy” filtered water, stripped clean of precious minerals and its own natural energy.

So we made sure Q-hydrate528® also contained a carefully selected blend of fully hydrating minerals, to keep tissues and systems nourished, flush away toxins and spark a rebirth of nutritional absorption, while clearing away the clutter that makes cellular energy and communication so difficult.

When you’re fully, completely hydrated, your body achieves true balance, becomes less acidic, and the flow of nutrients runs unchecked, all day, every day. Without it, you’re left to simply dry up, from the inside out, and your natural defenses are completely vulnerable to aging and disease.

If it only spurred detoxification, and began to hydrate your tissues (more than likely fully hydrated for the very first time) Q-hydrate528® would be a nutritional marvel. But that’s only the beginning, because this new advancement in nutrition also does THIS too…

Now you’ll finally get total nourishment from every food and supplement you take!

It’s hard enough to eat right, and build a regimen of supplements to fill in the holes, or help get you back on track. But when your body can’t properly break down nutrients, and your intestines fall down on the job of digestion, what you put in your mouth does you little good. So you lose your ability to metabolize your foods and pull out the essential nutrients they’re designed to provide.

But Q-hydrate528® also contains the highest quality fulvic acid unlike any supplement formula the world has ever seen. This natural catalyst helps you fully digest your food, deliver energy to your cells, and create a wake-up call for every cell and system in your body!

If you’re not familiar with fulvic acid, don’t be fooled. This specialized workhorse WON’T make your body more acidic, quite the contrary.

In fact, fulvic acid acts as an alkaline miracle, actually targeting the acid you’ve built up in your body to help you achieve a natural pH balance, a fight many Americans often lose, due to our poor diets.

But that’s just for starters, as fulvic acid’s TWO OTHER BENEFITS will return the life to your cells, so you enjoy the energetic vibrancy of your youth—something no man-made chemical or store-bought solution can do as well!

Don’t settle for life as usual—regain the LIFE FORCE
you so desperately need!

Like a flip of your body’s main circuit-breaker, fulvic acid revives your ability to gain a critical power charge from minerals, the very ionic marvels you’ll now enjoy in spades with Q-hydrate528®. But even better, fulvic acid breathes new life into your intestines, activating the very enzymes you depend on to do the hard work of digestion.

Once you experience Q-hydrate528®, you’ll regain your NATURAL enzyme power to strengthen and protect the process of digestion so your meal-time is now a source of intense nourishment and cellular renewal!

While we Americans are typically blessed with plenty of food, we’re often left starving for real nutrition. Our diets beg for much-needed minerals, and our digestion is so weakened by cooking the enzyme life out of our foods, even the healthiest among us can be chronically malnourished.

Studies have shown the soil our foods grow in has been depleted of 80% or more of the precious minerals we need. To add insult to injury, big agri-business often dumps nitrogen into the soil, irrigates like crazy, and produce bushels of big, juicy fruits and veggies, full of…well, NOT MUCH BUT WATER!

What’s the point of “eating right,” of gulping down supplements, if we’re left to barely scratch the surface of their nutritional power? How can we hope to achieve REAL health—let alone maintain it— if the nutrient systems in our bodies are clogged with roadblocks? When we can’t absorb nutrients, can’t get rid of toxins, we simply can’t fight back, and we’re left to
succumb to disease, aging, and the gradual
deterioration none of us deserve!


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Well I say “No more, thanks to

This uniquely powerful combination of minerals— including zeolite—and their potent partner fulvic acid, makes even a borderline diet more healthy, and takes careful, sound eaters to peak, energetic health and nutritional heights they never thought possible before!

Because when you start using Q-hydrate528®, you’ll begin repairing the precious connections in your body, target the central culprits of disease and decay, and kick-off a total body Spring Cleaning that lasts the whole year through!

With your first sip of this breakthrough formula, you’re well on your way to:

  • Fully hydrating your cells and tissues, making your peak health potential finally possible
  • Finally completely digesting your foods and supplements, to squeeze every energetic drop from every bite you eat
  • And flushing acid waste, toxins and pollutants to revitalize your body with alkaline protection, to beat back pathogens and other health threats!

Are you ready to begin?

Ready to imagine your peak health and enjoy a strong, vital body and sound, clear mind? End joint pain, muscle weakness, and pale, dull skin? Look better, feelstronger, with day-long energy, and return the spark to each and every cell of your being?

You can finally do all of it with Q-hydrate528®.

I made it my mission to solve the riddle of true health, for my customers, and I’ll admit selfishly, for myself too.

I’m already enjoying the fruits of our rigorous scientific testing and research.

Thousands of real people, just like you, are flushing away toxins, feeding their bodies like never before, and relishing the feeling of total hydration and protection.

And best of all, it takes mere seconds each day to do it! So read on, and discover the brand-new you just waiting to emerge, with Q-hydrate528!

To a brand new you,

Bill Ruble
Bill Ruble, President
Institute for Vibrant Living

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To tame your body’s constant
thirst for hydration,
you DON’T need more water…

The secret to optimal health isn’t food or even vitamins.
It’s THIS!

After years of doctors beating the drum about drinking more, it seems like the world has gotten the message. Now bottled water clutters the aisles of every supermarket, and you rarely leave the house without a thermos or jug.

What’s next, a canteen?

Or is a lack of H2O really what’s causing us to age so rapidly, literally drying up from the inside out?

News Flash: We’re drowning in water, and our cells are STILL THIRSTY!

The fact is, you can drink gallons of water and still be dangerously dehydrated. A full 75% of Americans are feeling it right now! Because if your body can’t retain the fluids it so desperately needs… or use the power of proper hydration to clean, protect and energize your vital cells and tissues…it’s like your cells are left out to bake in the sun.

Water is undoubtedly important, and 8 glasses a day can help you stay healthy. But without the highest quality hydrating minerals keeping fluids in your body tissues where they belong, all the water in the world won’t get you closer to optimal health!

What makes hydration so important

Our body’s fluids play a vital role in our health, breaking up metabolic waste and flushing out debilitating toxins. Water facilitates the exchange of nutrients in our cells, spurring nourishment at the most basic level. And it keeps waste products from disrupting our electric energy flow, the very essence of life itself.

But sadly, as we grow older (and all too often, heavier), we can’t balance the fluids and sodium in our tissues. Our kidneys are forced to work overtime to fight acid buildup. And the water we do consume is often stripped of the precious minerals that we so desperately need.

Or worse, we gulp down water loaded with still more
toxins, even chemicals like chlorine and fluoride that
are SUPPOSED to make it healthier to drink in the
first place!


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Now this is what life is supposed to feel like!

When you’re properly hydrated, your metabolism sings, you feel full and satisfied longer, food cravings vanish and your body and mind are filled with an energetic spark that may feel unusual at first—because it’s been so long since you’ve felt that way! That’s the power the advanced liquid nutrition Q-hydrate528® may provide.

Instead of drowning yourself in glass after glass of water stripped of its vital energy, just add a few drops of Q-hydrate528® to your water— or whatever beverage you actually prefer—and feel the life return to your body, as it drinks in nutrition like never before.

Proper digestion and elimination. Great flexibility and range of motion in your joints. A healthier weight, and greater mental clarity and alertness. It’s not only possible when you’re properly hydrated, you’re GUARANTEED to find it with
Q-hydrate528®, and you risk nothing to give it a try.


Maybe you’re dealing with obvious dehydration,
like Cynthia from Iowa….

Sometimes the signs of dehydration are subtle, like digestion problems, constipation or fatigue. Clouded thoughts, or trouble losing weight.

But sometimes, it’s clear— your body is crying out for help. No matter what you’re dealing with right now, I suggest you try Q-hydrate528®—and discover the differences, big and small, for yourself…

Cynthia R.

“I am very concerned about hydration. Before taking Q-hydrate528 my fingers were frequently wrinkled from dehydration, looking as if I had spent too much time in the water. Since using this, I feel less dry and my fingers are not wrinkled!” -CYNTHIA R., SOLON, IA

Q-hydrate528® is a breakthrough combination of ionic minerals…the highest quality fulvic acid… fully active zeolite… and dozens of trace elements you simply won’t find in other formulas, no matter how much you’re
willing to pay.

Together this easy, affordable and utterly convenient liquid nutrition may fully hydrate your
cells, detoxify your body, and as you’ll soon discover, deliver the all-day energy we’re all so
desperately seeking…

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Imagine day-long energy and
a return to the spark of youth…

Now STOP imagining it, start LIVING it,
with Q-hydrate528®!

Just imagine for a moment how good, how young and how energetic you’ll feel when your body releases the toxic sludge and acid waste that’s accumulated over years of malfunction. Imagine what a body FEELS like, when it’s fully oxygenated, when nutrients easily pass into your cells and deliver nutrition in a way you may never have felt before, or if you did, it was too long ago to remember.


But Q-hydrate528® users aren’t imagining peak health and all-day energy—they’re living it, enjoying it right NOW, and with each passing day they awake to even more energy, after restful, sleep-filled nights.

With Q-hydrate528®, there’s no playing a waiting game. With the advanced, ionic nutrition this liquid wonder delivers, you may start feeling better in moments, as the specially-blended combination of nourishing, hydrating minerals and detoxifiers goes to work.

To meet your constant energy demands,you need just the right fuel…

Your body’s micro-circuitry needs a steady supply of minerals to conduct electricity, facilitate communication, and keep your body firing with energy, all day long.

And with the super-conductive ionic mineral blend in Q-hydrate528®, you’re delivering an electric spark to cells throughout your body, recharging and repairing cellular connections. It’s like attaching a generator to your life!

Ask yourself this: Has another formula worked for YOU like
Q-hydrate528® works for THEM?

Mattie M.
“I’ve never seen results like this in just one day.The first time I tried
Q-hydrate528, Imagine day-long energy and a return to the spark of youth… Now STOP imagining it, start LIVING it, with Q-hydrate528®! I had more energy and I felt a great sense of well-being. It also cleared my head. I don’t ever want to be without it! Thank you so much!”



ONE DAY to more vibrant energy? So what happens when you stick with Q-hydrate528® even longer? Could it possibly work for YOU, even if you’re already well past 50, 60 or more…

Melvin Auten
“I have been on Q-hydrate528 for two months. I have more energy and my skin looks and feels better. I do not get tired as quickly as I did before. I will continue to use this product. I am 82 years young.” -MELVIN AUTEN, MURRAYVILLE, GA


Fact is, you’ve never had the chance before to achieve full-body energy and a path to peak health that doesn’t involve changing your entire lifestyle, clearing out your pantry or doubling the size of your medicine chest.

No matter what your age, Q-hydrate528® is GUARANTEED to work for you, or we’ll take it back, and cheerfully return every penny of your purchase price (minus shipping).

Best of all, it’s quite possibly the EASIEST supplement
on earth to take!

If you’re thinking this must be hard, that a life filled with energy, with your defenses at the ready and your mind clear and focused MUST take a major effort, think again…

Hannah Reed

“I love Q-hydrate528! I take it every morning and after lunch. It’s so easy because you can’t even taste the product. I feel so much better and have more energy when I drink it. It works great!”

Take it in the morning or in the afternoon. When you take it is really up to you. Just a few drops in your favorite beverage and you’re done.

You can’t taste it, you can’t see the ingredients, but you will certainly FEEL it, and you will SEE the
results, especially if you’re used to feeling like you’ve hit a brick wall by 2 or 3 in the afternoon.

Fully hydrated, surging with energy, and your diet and supplements actually working as they’re
supposed to. That’s the promise of Q-hydrate528®. It works, it works fast, and it will work
for you, GUARANTEED!

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Finally, truly VIBRANT HEALTH
the way nature intended...

Everything your body’s starving for is here in Qhydrate528®. So finding real health— and keeping it—is FINALLY EASY!

Q-hydrate528® is an IVL exclusive formula, a powerful combination of ionic fulvic acid and zeolite to help provide your body all the nourishing trace minerals it desperately needs—in their most perfect, readily-absorbable form.

These trace minerals include macro minerals like magnesium and potassium, as well as calcium, selenium, manganese, phosphorus and dozens more!

A synergistic blend that’s been carefully formulated to work in harmony, Q-hydrate528’s fulvic acid shuttles the zeolite throughout your body to begin its vital detoxifying work, fast!

With improved nutrient flow and mineral absorption, you’ll drink in the vital minerals— more than 71 in all!

The partnership of fulvic acid, zeolite and energizing minerals means Q-hydrate528® may help detoxify, hydrate and nourish your entire body—not in days, hours, or minutes… instantly!

Q-hydrate528® is the first of its kind, a truly bio-spontaneously available, liquid mineral and essential nutrient formula.

Just give it a try, and before you know it, you’ll be enjoying
benefits like…

  • Enhanced nutrient absorption, so you’re finally feeding your cells with the foods you eat
  • Electrical balance, for greater energy and improved cell-to-cell communication
  • A total body detox, from harmful metals, environmental pollutants and acid waste
  • Balanced pH and improved oxygen flow to your vital organs and tissues

That’s the power of ionic nutrition, and only Q-hydrate528 has this specific, synergistic combination!

“It’s my ‘lazy supplement’ because it’s so easy!”

When did staying healthy become so much work?

Mixing, matching and measuring a teaspoon of this, that or the other… or was it a tablespoon? With Q-hydrate528®, we’ve made supplementing easy—just a few drops in your favorite beverage is all it takes!

You’ll replace shelves full of bottles and save time and money too. Best of all, no pills to swallow, no swamp-water or “glass-o’-grass” to choke down, not anymore, with Q-hydrate528®...

You can’t taste the powerful healing energy and you can’t see the advanced, ionic minerals in
Q-hydrate528®. But your cells will know…and drink in every precious drop!

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You won’t believe how good you feel, with a crystal-clean body and
clear, sharp mind!

Finally beat back the toxic onslaught— and arm yourself with the nutrient cleansers your body is starving for!


In the battle to stay healthy in the face of illness, aging and disease, you’re lucky to have an army at the ready, always on patrol for your protection, but unable to leave their posts,because the enemy never, ever stands down.

From your liver to your lymph nodes, your intestines, kidneys, colon—even your skin—a platoon of detoxifying organs are all constantly fighting on your behalf… unless they fall victim to sudden ambush. While they never back away from a conflict, with a chemical soup of nearly 65,000 dangerous pollutants taking up arms against you every single day, it’s no wonder our bodies so often surrender!


As toxins build up, our defenses fall down…

One-in-four of us have heavy metal poisoning, prescription drugs disrupt our vital systems, even soaps and beauty products coat our bodies with questionable ingredients they can’t even recognize, let alone hope to process and eliminate—and that’s just the chemical poisons. We’re also rusting away from the inside, as acid build-up clogs our cells, kills precious enzymes and leaves us even more vulnerable to attack.

It’s hard to know if you’re really aging or simply overwhelmed by the chemicals andpollutants we’re all swimming in!

You can’t avoid our toxic environment
—but you CAN arm yourself against it

As a savvy health enthusiast, you’re probably aware of the importance of detoxification, and the slew of solutions that promise to help clean you out good.

Colon cleansers? They might help some, but their harsh formulas might have you making a beeline for the bathroom, or wondering if eliminating waste is really worth it if it feels like THIS!

Chelation? Expensive, time-consuming, and with every harsh chemical or heavy metal that’s flushed, precious nutrients can also be lost, compounding the problem of your terribly undernourished cells.

But there is something better, far better. Q-hydrate528 spurs detoxification naturally, painlessly, and without stripping you of nutrients you so desperately need.

With each drop, you get liquid zeolite, the strongest natural chelator we’ve ever found. Not only does zeolite leave essential minerals in place where they’re needed, Q-hydrate528 also bathes your cells in still more detoxifying minerals.

That means a stockpile of mineral reserves, recharging your cells to beat back the next wave of invaders sure to come!

Better still, the hydrating minerals in Q-hydrate528 restore your body’s fluid systems, to flush away acid and other wastes, leaving your system clean and hydrated, and your mind, body and tissues refreshed and more ALIVE than they’ve been in years!

Clean cells mean a clear head and better mental clarity. A body finally released from acid waste
means flexible, strong muscles and pain-free joints. And when you clear away toxins, you open
up pathways for nutrients and precious oxygen, for more energy, stronger immunity, and an
instant electrical spark to the cellular batteries that fuel us all!

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Who needs enzymes, probiotics, laxatives or antacids?
Not YOU, NOT NOW, because Q-hydrate528
means smooth, worry-free digestion!


Digestion is supposed to be natural. You eat a sound diet, add a few supplements to fill the gaps, drink enough water and the rest happens without you even thinking about it.

You go about your day, gather precious nutrients from your food, stay energized and strong, and eliminate waste and acid as a matter of course. It’s how our bodies are designed to work.

So when did we suddenly become slaves to our stomachs, unable to eat certain foods, unable to stay regular, and unable to find nourishment, no matter how much we eat?


Did our forefathers need enzymes to digest their food… probiotics to jump-start their intestines… still more supplements to stay regular… and on top of it, handfuls of over-the-counter and prescription drugs to keep acid from taking over our systems? Did George Washington cross the Delaware with a probiotic in one hand and a laxative in the other?


So what happened to us, and how can we possibly fix it?

In many ways, we’re prisoners of our own success. As lives have gotten longer, as our population explodes, as the need for food grows by leaps-and-bounds— subject to technological “advances” just to keep up—we’ve scientifically engineered the life right out of our diets, and it’s our digestion that suffers the most.

Rapid, industrial farming practices have stripped the minerals from our precious soil, so the foods we eat not only become harder to digest, they’re less nourishing if we do somehow manage to break them down.

And the enzyme systems deep inside our intestines are simply shutting down, surrounded by dead, lifeless food that’s over-cooked and under-nourishing, rife with acid overload from our largely poor food choices.

The result is a digestive disaster. Constipation or diarrhea. Indigestion. Problems with acid. Reduced energy and a rapid decline in health and vitality. All signs of a desperate need of a reset button, to finally get our digestion back in balance once more.


Q-hydrate528® is like your personal digestion “do-over”
— and the liquid nutrition starts working in seconds!

In many ways, we’re prisoners of our own success. As lives have gotten longer, as our population explodes, as the need for food grows by leaps-and-bounds— subject to technological “advances” just to keep up—we’ve scientifically engineered the life right out of our diets, and it’s our digestion that suffers the most.

It took a year to create the advanced liquid nutrient formula Q-hydrate528®, but for you the wait for worry-free digestion is over. Thousands of satisfied customers are already enjoying this triple-action boost to smooth digestion, because the synergistic blend of nutrients in Q-hydrate528® work together in ways even a fistful of “digestive aids” couldn’t possibly dream of delivering.

I’m talking about:

  • The highest quality ionic liquid zeolite, which sucks toxins from your overworked digestive system, drawing in heavy metals and other contaminants to surround and flush them safely from your body, with regularity and precision like nature intended…
  • Nearly 6 dozen precious trace minerals and nutrients that were once in our foods and water in abundance, to promote healthy digestion and vital cell metabolism…
  • And their powerful partner, fulvic acid, from only the most nutrient-rich soils on the planet, to spark rapid food breakdown and reactivate enzyme systems lulled to sleep by a barrage of toxins, so nutrients are finally, FULLY absorbed and wastes are eliminated fast, before they leach into your cells and tissues!

For you that means not just one piece of the puzzle improves, with a pill for this and a tablet for that. No, your digestion, absorption, and elimination ALL get a wake-up call, for strong immune function, pain-free digestion and deep nourishment and hydration to bring back precious cells and tissues from the brink!

Bud’s still raring to go at 92, thanks to Q-hydrate528®!

It’s nice to see all the hard work behind the development of Q-hydrate528® pay off, because we all deserve to live our lives on our own terms, without succumbing to aches and pains, digestive distress, or a gradual decline that shows no signs of stopping with each passing year. Now this ground-breaking advancement puts the power of health and a body in balance right in the palm of your hand.

It’s especially gratifying to hear from loyal customers like Bud Morgan, because doing the things you love for decades to come—with digestion like clockwork and the energy to prove it—is what life and the science of nutrition are really all about!

“IVL, your products are very fine. Q-hydrate528 is helping to improve my digestion and gives me energy to play the saxophone, do my music teaching, exercise several times a week and work at our music store. Thanks.”

Eat what you want without worry, and eliminate the waste
that’s slowing you down!

When you’re starved for nutrients and clogged with toxins, you can’t help but feel tired, bloated, or cloudy. But when you first sweep away the clutter, restore vital energy and cellular connections throughout every system of your body— including digestion—the spark of youth returns, no matter what digestive concern you were battling before.

Because Q-hydrate528 makes digestion smooth…it keeps you regular… and it puts the brakes on problems that took years to develop, even if nothing you’ve tried before seemed to help.

The choice is yours. Accept digestive woes as a rite ofpassage as you age, or get right to the source and stop them, not in months or weeks but in days—with Q-hydrate528®!

What will you do with all the new-found energy and vitality? Especially if you also have the strong
bones and joints that mean you’ll want to get out and move again?

Why not find out, like these folks already have…

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Strong bones and joints
just jumping to move free again!

Q-hydrate528® shuts off the acid onslaught,
lubricates your joints and fortifies your bones— so every day can be a pain-free “good day!”

How did this happen? How did so many of us fall victim to the “old-age shuffle,” barely able to put one foot in front of the other without feeling stiff, swollen, or slower by the day?

One of the main reasons we’re so often sitting on the benches in the mall is what’s nearby—in the food court! With all the salt, sugar, fat and preservatives we take in, our bodies are bubbling over with acid waste and toxic build-up. We’re starving our joints and muscles of precious nutrients, depriving them of nourishing blood, fluid and oxygen—and their only way to fight back is a full-scale revolt!

Free-flowing nutrients mean free and easy joints again!

But when you keep your weight steady, break up theacid waste and fully detoxify your body with the potent combination of fulvic acid and ionic, bio-spontaneously available minerals, you’ll keepyour motor running, and restart a free-flow of nutrients throughout your body. To lubricate your joints…oil up your muscles… put out the fires of inflammation… and flush away toxins, before they gum up your joints ever again!

Does it work? I’ll say it does— but don’t take MY word for it…


“I had swollen knuckles from the inflammation I knew was throughout my body. Nothing I tried worked until I tried Q-hydrate528. Within two weeks I noticed improvement; at three months the swelling is essentially gone in both hands. I’m really impressed! - THEODORA W., HESPERIA, CA


“The pain in my joints and muscles disappeared!”


“Shortly after beginning to use Q-hydrate528, severe pain I was experiencing in my right leg went away. Other pain in my joints and muscles also improved or disappeared. My energy level and overall well being improved and my stress level went down.” - KENNETH KING, PARIS, TX


BENEFITS like these WITHOUT side effects?
It’s up to YOU…

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From glowing skin to sound sleep and worry-free digestion, it’s truly amazing what a body in balance
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Worried about acid?
With Q-hydrate528, pH means Perfect Health!

If you don’t feel good, I mean REALLY GOOD, the likely culprit is a body out of balance. And one way to wreck your health is to become overly acidic. When you do, you don’t just age, your body starts to rot and rust—from the inside out!

Tiny microbes in your blood change shape and grow. Enzymes—your very life force— turn against you. Precious oxygen delivery to cells suffers. And things you CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT fall apart.

Organs revolt. Your thyroid’s overtaxed. Mineral absorption weakens. Insulin’s less efficient. Even your heart is vulnerable, as pH impacts every cell and system of your body.

Even worse—energy grinds to a halt

Declining mineral absorption starts an entire electrical system breakdown. Scarier still, yourcells starve for oxygen, and bacteria, mold, viruses and other pathogens can take root.

Will your diet help? Not much, unless you’re already a vegetarian, and only 5% of us are!

To do the trick, you’d drink at least 8 glasses of water per day (not too hard) AND eat 80% or more alkalizing foods… nearly impossible! All packaged or processed foods are acid forming, as are all fish and meats!

So to truly detoxify, fully hydrate and completely nourish your cells, systems and tissues, I’d suggest Q-hydrate528. It couldn’t be easier, and the results are GUARANTEED…

Finally… less acid!
“I have had a lot of acid reflux. I just recently started using Q-hydrate528 and I have been having less acid. Thank you for creating a wonderful product.” - KATHY SHIKLES, JEFFERSON CITY, MO

Goodbye cramps!
“I am eliminating acid from my system and am not having the cramps in my stomach that I was having before.”


A solution that’s actually EASY

Now that you actually understand why pH balance is important, you’re already in the elite.

But fighting acid with diet, stress relief or even more water… the odds are stacked against you.

Or at least, they were, before Q-hydrate528!


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In all my years in health, nothing I’ve found comes close to the benefits of Q-hydrate528, because no other formula on earth was designed to fully hydrate, nourish and detoxify your cells… re-charge the precious energy force throughout your body… and deliver a cleaner, healthier body, inside-and-out, like THIS breakthrough formula does!

Best of all, the results come fast, and keep building over time, so each new day is a world of discovery on the path to peak health and vitality.

Wouldn’t you like to keep growing healthier each week, month and year… instead of wondering what ailment, ache or complaint will crop up next?

Thousands of satisfied users once sat where you are today. Wondering if Q-hydrate528 could possibly do all we say. Skeptical that a natural, easy, affordable and safe formula could really promise all this…

  • Effortless weight loss— and a chance to finally keep stubborn pounds off
  • Easy flexibility and pain-free joints
  • Glowing, youthful skin
  • Day-long, total body energy
  • Lower cholesterol and triglycerides
  • A strong, healthy immune response
  • Razor-sharp memory and concentration
  • Worry-free digestion and regularity

And that’s only the beginning.

Because each of us is completely unique, and your body will respond in its own way.

There’s no telling what you’ll experience, but I can tell you this: Either you’re completely satisfied, and
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Super Foods for Super Longevity
  • MORE PROTEIN THAN STEAK? Discover the one super
    food that, by weight, has more protein than steak and over 10
    times the calcium of milk.
    This super food can help protect your
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    This super food is rich in phycocyanins that seek out and bind
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    Look no further than this one super food which
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Discover a total of eight super foods that are easy to pack into your diet every day without turning your regular eating habits upside down. Why not age-proof your body with the 8 super foods revealed inside your FREE report! A healthier, longer life can be yours today.


The Battle in Your Digestive Tract
–and How to Win It!

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Your colon is a breeding ground for over 400 different strains of bacteria. The “good” and “bad” bacteria are constantly fighting for a space in your digestive tract. When the “bad” guys take over – your entire health suffers!

In this special report – you’ll discover how to get the odds back in your favor – and give the “good guys” a fighting chance! And the great news is: You can restore healthy intestinal flora – starting in just 24 hours! You’ll uncover:

The Battle in Your Digestive Tract
  • How to get the right probiotics to fight your intestinal
    problems. Not all beneficial bacteria are alike – discover
    the powerhouses you NEED now!
  • The big, fat yogurt HOAX! If you think eating yogurt
    or even kefir can keep your digestive tract healthy –
    find out why you may be wrong... Wrong... WRONG!
    Surprising discovery!
  • The cause behind stomach cramping... gas... or bloating?
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  • The great-tasting, healthy alternative to milk without
    the gas and bloating. You’ll love it!
  • Critical information you need to know if colon cancer
    runs in your family – and you’re at “high risk”!
  • The scoop on your poop! Discover what your bowel
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  • And much more!


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