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Olivia N.

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-Virginia H., Lufkin, TX
Mark R.

“I will never quit taking this, it works!”
-Eric Z., Callahan, FL
Stephen K.

“I have not had heartburn since…”
-Annette N.,
Orlando, FL
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At Last! Whether You’re Pushing 50 or Rounding 80—
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Dr. Devin Mikles

“This amazing biomineral advance has helped thousands of people enjoy vibrant health renewal beyond their wildest dreams. And it works fast … starting from the very first day! —Dr. Devin Mikles


Dear Health-Conscious Friend,

I’ll say this: if 60 really is the new 40, our bodies have a funny way of showing it!

Fatigue sets in just when the fun just begins. Joints grow stiff and sore. Brain fog rolls in. We limp along
from one cold to the next. Digestion problems crop up out of nowhere.

So what do we do? We lift ourselves up with caffeine and energy drinks. We spend billions on remedies for this
problem and that problem, and worst of all, we accept it!

And way too many of us settle for creaking along from day to day, and becoming a fixture at our doctors’

Now you can escape that fate. You don’t have to settle. So if you think you’re “just getting old” and
can’t do anything about it, please keep reading—

It’s High Time You Reversed the “Cell Fatigue”
Dragging You Down—and Now It’s EASY!

Truth is, many problems you write off as “aging” are rooted in toxic, over-tired, and overworked cells in your
body. And now that’s a problem you can fix — and fast. Let me explain...

First, it’s no secret we live in a toxic world. Everyday you’re exposed to harmful chemicals in your air, food, and water that can have an awful effect on your cellular health. Making matters worse, the typical diet today drowns your cells in health-sapping acid overload.

Your body works overtime to neutralize this blitz, but it’s fighting a losing battle. Toxins, heavy metals, and acids lodge in your cells and disrupt the most fundamental functions in your body.

Your weakened cells can’t effectively absorb nutrients and hydration. They struggle to rid themselves of metabolic
waste... generate energy... reproduce healthy cells... and fight off infectious bacteria, viruses, and fungi. And perhaps worse of all—

Emmanuel T., Bowie, MD

Cleansing and Weight Loss Go Hand in Hand!
“Q-hydrate528 enabled me to lose weight and keep it off with ease. I have been at my ideal weight for some time now. It also aided the cleansing of my body." —Emmanuel T., Bowie, MD

You Can Be a Roaring Power Generator or a Flickering Bulb.
It’s Up to You!

For decades, scientists have known that the road to total health begins with cellular renewal. But until now, that’s been easier said than done.

  • Typical detox regimens like intestinal cleanses are harsh and often unpleasant. They also drain vital electrolytes from your body — not good — and they don’t do anything about acid overload.
  • “Recharging” cells with minerals has been a bust, too. Mineral molecules in typical supplements are too large to be absorbed. They get flushed out of the body, along with their bioelectrical potential.
  • Hydration, of course, is critical for cleaning and charging cells. But without adequate mineralization, your body can’t hold on to the needed fluids. You could drink water all day and still be dehydrated!

We set out to solve this challenge with a single formula that could quickly and safely detox, recharge, and hydrate every cell in the body, every single day.

Our work was cut out for us... or so we thought. But once we combined two incredible biomineral breakthroughs in one liquid solution, our job suddenly looked easy.

In fact, we were floored by the results we personally experienced! Thousands of people from coast to coast
have discovered how Q-hydrate528® makes a world
of difference.

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It’s High Time You Reversed the “Cell Fatigue” Dragging You Down—and Now It’s EASY!

It’s Like a Total Body and Mind “Awakening”

They almost can’t believe their rejuvenated energy and stamina... sharper thinking and memory... healthier bones and joints... better sleep... younger-looking skin... digestive relief... stronger immunity... even weight loss!

Willa S. of Radcliff, Kentucky is convinced. She gave Q-hydrate528® a chance and here’s what she says now:

Willa S.

“ I felt so much better after taking this remarkable product. I had more energy and my breathing was just so much deeper and easier. Thanks so much for making this product available!”

Barbra U. of Mariposa, California began taking Q-hydrate528® two years ago and hasn’t stopped since. And look how fast it started working for her:

Barbra U. of Mariposa

“ Within three days my energy levels climbed and a good feeling of wellbeing stayed with me throughout the day. I am 60 and can work physically from 5 am to 8 or 9 pm. Health wise I have an incredible immune system that protects me from all common contagious illnesses while those around me fall prey. Thank you!”

Mattie M.

For Mattie M. in Southern Pines, North Carolina, the results were instantaneous — and that left her amazed:

“ I’ve never seen results like this in just one day. The first time I tried Q-hydrate528, I had more energy and I felt a great sense of well-being. It also cleared my head. I don’t ever want to be without it! Thank you so much!”

Charles F.

Even skeptics are won over! Charles F. in El Paso, Texas had his doubts at first, but now he is a big Q-hydrate528® fan:

“ I have to say that I am now a believer in the product as it has provided me the energy I’ve desperately needed, as well as increasing my mental clarity. I work 12-14 hours a day in the health field and yet at the end of the day I still have some ‘zip’ left in my tank.”

I get letters all the time from people who are overjoyed with Q-hydrate528®. People who were frustrated by the aches and pains of growing older but were not ready to trade in their active lives for an easy chair just yet!

So Don’t Stop Reading Now… The Q-hydrate528® Story Gets BETTER!

I’ve told you how Q-hydrate528® works to transform your cellular health in five important ways. Keep reading and you’ll see how this cellular rejuvenation blossoms into specific health benefits that will turn your world right-side up again... and keep it that way.

Leonard L., Houston, TX

Athletes Love the ‘Q’!
“I used Q-hydrate528 while I was training and I think it helped my
recovery from lactic acid. I would have some in the night before I went to sleep and I slept real good." —Leonard L., Houston, TX


After all, when you detox, nourish and hydrate your trillions of cells with this powerful biomineral formula daily, your rejuvenated inner core will lift your health to new levels. It’s an inside-out, top-to-bottom transformation!

You could be the next to enjoy amazing results with this revolutionary approach to health... but you have to take the first step yourself.

Our Guarantee Makes It Easy to Say “Yes!”

If these promises sound too good to be true, then please put Q-hydrate528® to the test. It will put your doubts to rest!

If it doesn’t live up to the six promises we make on the following pages, simply return your purchase for a full refund, less shipping. In fact, we’ll cheerfully refund your money for any reason if you’re not absolutely thrilled with your results.

You literally don’t risk a cent ... and I’m convinced you’ll soon agree that this powerful liquid zeolite/ fulvic formula is the next-generation anti-aging solution that really works ... and that it “blows the doors” off every other health-boosting detox formula on the market today.

Try it yourself and you won’t be sorry. You have to feel it to believe it!

To your lasting great health,

Devin Mikles, MD

Devin Mikles, MD
Institute for Vibrant Living

P.S. You get FREE SHIPPING when you order a 3-month supply or more, and that’s not the only FREE bonus you’ll get when you order now.
There are two more FREE gifts just ahead! Turn the page for the rest of the Q-hydrate528® story...

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Q-hydrate 528® Promise #1: Energy That Keeps You Going and Going!
Joanne P.
I must say my energy is almost non-stop during the day! —Joanne P., Houston, TX

Joanne hoped for the best when she tried Q-hydrate528® because she knew she needed a boost to get through her busy days. She got the healthy energy lift she wanted … and so much more!

recently purchased Q-hydrate528 and have been taking it for a few weeks now. I must say my energy is almost non-stop during the day and I am even sleeping more soundly, too. But that’s not all. You said that it would help promote weight-loss. I wasn’t sure that it would but I can tell you that I am noticing that my mid-section is going down and I haven’t changed my diet!”

Of course Q-hydrate528® boosts energy like nobody’s business. It literally helps recharge your cellular circuitry!

It starts with its ability to flush away toxins and heavy metals that impede cell signaling. It then recharges every cell in your body with conductive ionic minerals that puts the “charge” back in.

And by improving nutritional uptake, you fuel your energyproducing cell mitochondria like never before.

Joanne discovered that when you feed your entire cellular grid this way, your body runs at full power with vitality to spare. And that translates into physical and mental energy that stays strong as the day grows long.

More Energy for Teresa, Too!

Joanne isn’t the only one enjoying newfound vitality. Teresa M.’s tight schedules were running her ragged, so she turned to Q-hydrate528®:

“I noticed when pressure comes in a tight schedule ... burning the candle at both ends sometimes ... that my energy and stamina is so far greater when taking the Q-hydrate528. I actually ran out of it and completely lost my energy level and noticed that I got sick more often ... so it really does make a difference ... I’m 54 yrs. young and want to feel as young as I can. This is a keeper!”

“More Kick in My Steps…”

Mark R.

Mark R. of Lake Ozark, MO is thankful for his new energy and bonus weight loss, too:

“After taking Q-hydrate528 I have more kick in my steps when I walk. I have lost about 10lbs. in two months already. I’m happy that I have more energy. Thanks!”

Even Fitness Instructors Report More Energy!

You know you’re sitting on “bottled lightning” when even the most physically fit people in town report an energy boost. That’s what we heard from Maria V. of Fredericksburg, VA. She’s impressed!

“I have noticed great improvement in my energy level. I am a fitness instructor and by adding this to my
daily water intake, I feel great.”

Try Q-hydrate528® risk-free and if you’re not just as impressed as these folks, we’ll refund
your money promptly. Simple as that!

Order q-hydrate528 Now!
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Q-hydrate 528® Promise #2: A Surge of Health at Every Age!
Dr. Kathleen N.
This product is simply superb... at age 73, I feel
like I am in my 50s! —Dr. Kathleen N.

It’s time to stop with the “I’m too old, too tired, too weak, too sore” routine. Really, stop! You don’t have to put up with fatigue or nagging health problems just because you passed a milestone in life. Take it from
Kathleen N.—

his product is simply superb. My energy has soared, it restores me within minutes when I am exhausted, and at age 73, I feel like I am in my 50s. I have lost 15 pounds in 3 months effortlessly due to Q-hydrate528.”

Kathleen knows you don’t have to look back fondly on the days when you had energy to spare. You can still live them and enjoy them right now! Thousands of older Americans are waking up to more vibrant health thanks to Q-hydrate528®, and they will tell you—

It Works In Your 60s…

“Q-hydrate528 has been very good for my system. I’m energized and have lost weight. Mostly, I feel cleansed and have more energy. I will be 69 years old and definitely have found a product I’ll use regularly. Thank You.”
— Sally O., Greenwood Village, CO

It Works In Your 70s…

Mark R.

“From the first day of using it, I became aware of feeling better systemically… My sense of well being and overall health is restored and I’ll not be without it again. I am 72, semi-retired, living alone, and self sufficient and I look to keep that way with QH528.”

It Works In Your 80s…

“I have been on Q-hydrate528 for two months. I have more energy and my skin looks and feels better. I do not get tired as quickly as I did before. I will continue to use this product. I am 82 years young.”
— Melvin A., Murrayville, GA

It Works In Your 90s…

92-year-old David “Bud” M., Eau Claire, WI

“IVL, your products are very fine. Q-hydrate528 is helping to improve my digestion and gives me energy to play the saxophone, do my music teaching, exercise several times a week and work at our music store. Thanks.”
— 92-year-old David “Bud” M., Eau Claire, WI


…It Just Works, PERIOD!!!

…It Just Works, PERIOD!!!

And there’s no waiting. With its advanced ionic nutrition, you may start feeling better the very first day you take it.

No matter what your age, Q-hydrate528® is guaranteed to work for you. If not thrilled, we’ll take it back and return every penny of your purchase price (minus shipping).

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Q-hydrate 528® Promise #3: A “Brain Boost” Worth Cheering About!
Eric Z., Callahan, FL

I had brain fog for almost 5 years until I started taking this! —Eric Z., Callahan, FL

Eric Z. just couldn’t think straight anymore. He was only in his late 40s and yet he was constantly frustrated by foggy thinking — until he discovered Q-hydrate528®. Here’s how he puts it:

had brain fog so bad when someone would tell a story to me, I couldn’t comprehend what they were telling me. I would just agree and nod my head yes.

But now I am more alert. I think and resolve situations quickly. At 50 years old I’ve been back in the gym for 1 ½ years now and will never quit taking this, it works!”

Science tells us that the brain is such an electrical dynamo that it generates 10 watts of energy by itself. So cleaning and nourishing your brain with super-conductive ionic minerals is a “no brainer” in anybody’s book!


Philip H. Was Skeptical... But Now He’s a Believer!

Take the word of Philip H. of Gary, Indiana: “I’m 57 years old and I have to admit: I could feel the improvement in my mental clarity and physical well-being.”

William F. W. of Cincinnati, Ohio

William F. W. of Cincinnati, Ohio agrees: “Your Q-hydrate528 is a definite godsend! I take it for clear concise mental clarity & energy. And to boot, I lost nearly 30+ lbs of excess fat. I felt better all around too.”

You won’t believe how good you’ll feel with a crystal-clean body and clearer, sharper mind until you actually experience it.

So don’t wait; click here or call 1-800-218-1379 to order your risk-free supply now!

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Q-hydrate 528® Promise #4: Deep-Down Hydration Your Body Will Love!
D.J., Prospect, OR

I had no idea my skin was so dry until I tried Q-hydrate528®! —D.J., Prospect, OR

Want to know what true hydration looks and feels like? Just ask Q-hydrate528® users like D.J. from Oregon!

ith Q-hydrate528, in one week I felt a complete difference in my skin. It feels smooth and hydrated. I purchased it to help my body on a cellular level. I had no idea my skin was so dry until I tried this product. Just think what it’s doing for my cells! Thanks for a great product!”

You see, the secret to healthy hydration isn’t drinking more and more water, it’s this: without adequate hydrating minerals to keep essential fluids in your body tissues where they belong, all the water in the world won’t get you closer to optimal health!

When you experience true hydration the way nature intended, great things can happen and they probably will. And that’s where Q-hydrate528® and its 70+ ionic minerals enter the picture. There is no reason in the world why you won’t experience results like this:

Olivia N., Monrovia, CA

“I look 5 years younger already!”

“Q-hydrate528 works great. It decreased my laugh lines and has taken away about 5 years on my face!”
— Olivia N., Monrovia, CA

“I feel less dry…”

“I am very concerned about hydration. Before taking Q-hydrate528 my fingers were frequently wrinkled, looking as if I had spent too much time in the water. Since using this, I feel less dry and my fingers are not wrinkled!”
— Cynthia R., Solon, IA

“It is plumping up the skin…”

“I recently started applying Q-hydrate528 to my skin in problem areas and mixing it into my body lotions. It is plumping up the skin and makes the body lotions work better.”
— A.F., Sherman Oaks, CA

“It makes you feel great!”

“After trying Q-hydrate528 I’ve noticed I don’t have a dry mouth the next morning. It makes you feel great. You’ll only be helping yourself a whole lot by trying it.”
—Robert H., Osceloa, AR

“I am so happy with Q-hydrate528!”

“Q-hydrate528 is a quick way to keep me hydrated and add back minerals. Exercising in the humid weather can take a lot out of you. Using Q-hydrate528 helps put it all back in.”
—Kathline D., Fremont, NH

Instead of downing glass after glass of water, just add Q-hydrate528® to your beverage of choice
every day. You’ll feel the life return as your body “drinks in” nutrition like never before!

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Q-hydrate 528® Promise #5: Better Digestion in Every Sense of the Word!
Annette N., Orlando, FL
I have not had heartburn since
Q-hydrate528®... and that makes me very happy! —Annette N., Orlando, FL

Dealing with digestion problems is practically a national pastime! Acid stomach, indigestion, constipation, diarrhea, excess gas are all signs of digestive imbalances that can put you through misery.

Annette knew the discomfort all too well. She was taking costly digestive enzymes and alkalizing drops to fight her heartburn, and even that didn’t solve the problem. Then she tried Q-hydrate528® and everything changed for the better:


have started on my second bottle of Q-hydrate528 and it’s saving me money and making me feel better. I’ve eliminated 2 of my daily supplements, enzymes for meals and alkalizing drops for my water. I feel so much more energy, especially when in the mornings, and at 3pm I’m still going strong. I have not had heartburn since Q-hydrate528 and that makes me very happy.”

How Can Q-hydrate528® Smooth Out Your Digestion?

Q-hydrate528® provides a triple-action boost that works in ways even a handful of digestive remedies couldn’t deliver.

#1. It cleans the toxic GI tract. The ionic zeolite draws out and removes heavy metals and chemical contaminants that are often the cause of gastrointestinal upsets.

#2. It restores alkaline balance. More than 70 alkalizing minerals neutralize acid overload in your system. This single step supports healthier and pain-free digestion, and nourishes receptor cells needed for nutrient absorption.

#3. It promotes food breakdown. Fulvic’s powerful enzyme catalysts trigger more thorough digestion of food and supplements. This helps eliminate problems caused by undigested food and get full nourishment the way nature intended.

People Are Surprised By Q-hydrate528’s Digestive Benefits.
They Shouldn’t Be!

By cleaning, alkalizing, and improving food breakdown, Q-hydrate528® helps restore digestive balance as if by magic.

Order q-hydrate528 Now!
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Q-hydrate 528® Promise #6: Greater Joint and Muscle Comfort!
Kenneth K., Paris, TX

The pain in my joints and muscles disappeared! —Kenneth K., Paris, TX

It doesn’t surprise me that Q-hydrate528® does so much, so fast, and for so many people who are feeling painfully stiff and swollen. When I said that it works wonders throughout your body, I really meant it!

And that includes helping your joints and muscles, too, because pain in these areas is frequently caused by acid overload and toxic buildup. This harmful 1-2 punch impairs cell metabolism in your joints and muscles, depriving them of nutrients, oxygen and fluids. No wonder they cry out in pain!

Luckily, Q-hydrate528® answers the call for help. Here’s what else Kenneth says:


Shortly after beginning to use Q-hydrate528, severe pain I was experiencing in my right leg went away. Other pain in my joints and muscles also improved or disappeared. My energy level and overall wellbeing improved and my stress level went down.”

Q-hydrate528® helps break up the acid and toxic waste and opens up the free flow of nutrients to help lubricate your joints … oil up your muscles… AND put out the fires of inflammation FAST!

“No more foot or leg cramps!”

“My skin is healthier and I feel healthier. My feet used to cramp up in yoga, no more. I love it.”
—Verta O., Interlochen, MI

“Within two weeks
I noticed improvement.”

“I had swollen knuckles from the inflammation. Nothing worked until I tried Qhydrate528. The swelling is essentially gone in both hands. I’m really impressed!”
—Theodora W., Hesperia, CA

Order q-hydrate528 Now!
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You Get These Amazing Benefits With Q-hydrate528®


Don’t let “aging” win the battle! This is your chance to join the thousands of people
who have enjoyed remarkable rejuvenation from head to toe with Q-hydrate528®.
It’s quick, it’s safe, and all it takes is 1½ teaspoons in your favorite drink every day.
It’s finally easy to feel better and fast!

Let Q-hydrate528® work its magic from the cellular level on up. By the time you finish your first bottle, I guarantee you’ll be on your way to…

  • Q-hydrate528Boundless energy that makes you feel years younger
  • A razor-sharp mind with a steel-trap memory
  • Healthier weight and an end to food cravings
  • Digestive peace no matter what you eat
  • Joints and muscles that are flexible and pain-free
  • Younger-looking skin that’s moist, supple and firm
  • A stronger defense against colds and infections


You’ll Love Q-hydrate528®… Or You Won’t Pay a Cent!

You’ll feel the difference surging through your body; there will be no mistaking it! But if you’re not completely satisfied with Q-hydrate528® for any reason at all, simply send it back. You’ll receive every penny of your purchase price (less shipping and handling) in return. It’s as simple as that.

Click here or Call 1-800-218-1379 to order Q-hydrate528® today… Plus you’ll also receive up to THREE FREE gifts:

Super Foods For Super Longevity
A $9.95 value – yours FREE!

Super Foods for Super Longevity

The 8 super foods you’ll learn about in your FREE bonus report can add years of vibrant health to your life by helping you fight off inflammation, mental decline, osteoporosis, heart disease and other degenerative conditions. You’ll discover:

  • The meat-free super food that, by weight, has more protein than steak and over 10 times the calcium of milk.
  • The ancient Chinese super food that protects your body against inflammation, anemia, and cardiovascular disease—and suppresses appetite too!
  • The sea miracle rich in phycocyanins that bind with heavy metals and flush them out of your body.
  • The world’s best plant source for omega-3 fatty acids —a valuable weapon against macular degeneration.

Best of all, they’re readily available and easy to pack into your diet every day so you can start age-proofing your body right now. A healthier, longer life can be yours today!

The Battle in Your Digestive Tract
–and How to Win It!

A $9.95 value – yours FREE!

“Good” and “bad” bacteria are constantly fighting for dominance in your digestive tract. When the “bad guys” win — your entire health suffers.

The Battle in Your Digestive Tract

In this Special Report you’ll discover how to give the “good” bacteria in your digestive tract the upper hand. And the great news is: you can restore healthy intestinal flora starting in just 24 hours. You’ll uncover:

  • The best bacterial strains to fight your intestinal problems. Not all beneficial bacteria are alike — discover the powerhouses you need.
  • The big, fat yogurt HOAX! If you think eating yogurt or even kefir can keep your digestive tract healthy — you’d better read this ASAP!
  • The cause behind stomach cramping... gas... or bloating? It may not be indigestion — but a little-known problem doctors often overlook.
  • The scoop on your poop! Discover what your bowel movements are trying to tell you!
  • And much more!

To make it even easier to get started with Q-hydrate528®, we’ll also include FREE SHIPPING, HANDLING & PROCESSING as your third free gift when you order a 3-month supply or more. It’s a $7.99 value, yours FREE!


The Key to Great Health is in Your Cells. Reactivate It NOW With Q-hydrate528®!

Vibrant health is yours for the asking, no matter what your age. Just say the word and we’ll rush Q-hydrate528® to you immediately!

Call TOLL-FREE 1-800-218-1379 for the quickest way to have your supply shipped to your door. Or click here to order online.

You won’t know how great Q-hydrate528® can make you feel until you try it for yourself. So join the
thousands of people who love the vibrant health and energy it brings — and don’t want to be without it!

Stop missing out. It’s time you hit the ‘refresh’ button too!

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Better-Than-Risk-Free LIFETIME Guarantee

When your order of Q-hydrate528® arrives, I want you to use it
for as long as you like. I personally guarantee you’ll see almost immediate improvement in your overall health!

But if you’re not 100% delighted with Q-hydrate528®… if you’re not convinced that it’s made a real difference in the way you feel and live… just return it to IVL at any time (even if the bottle is completely empty!) for a complete, no-hassle refund (less any shipping charges).

So why not put Q-hydrate528® to your own personal test right now — especially since your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed, for LIFE!

Q-hydrate528® Reservation Certificate
Order now and take advantage of more than $127 in savings and FREE GIFTS with your RISK-FREE trial!


Yes! I can’t wait to feel the rejuvenating effects of Q-hydrate528® as it detoxifies, nourishes, and hydrates every cell in my body! My order is 100% guaranteed and completely risk-free. If I’m not delighted, my full purchase price will be returned. Every FREE GIFT I receive is mine to keep, no matter what. So let’s get started!



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